About Us

The City of Huntington, Oregon

Huntington, a rural town of 550, lies near the Oregon/Idaho border halfway between Baker City, Oregon and Ontario, Oregon. Huntington, the self-styled “Catfish Capitol of Oregon”, is geographically a part of Oregon’s “High Desert”. The climate is dry and sunny but can get quite cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The town, a former bustling railroad center, has a main street consisting of two grocery/convenience stores, a restaurant, two taverns, a beauty salon/laundromat/tanning salon/liquor store/sporting goods store, a service station, and a post office. The town is also home to two parks, a museum, and a church.

Huntington School serves 65 students in a large, well-kept, and air-conditioned building that houses the elementary (K-5) school, middle school (6-8), and high school (9-12) with students attending class Monday through Thursday. The school grounds are expansive and well-maintained. Our staff includes 11 highly qualified teachers and our class sizes average approximately seven students per class. Our school is proud of its strong academic, athletic, and music programs. Technology plays an important role in our school. We have a well-furnished and modern computer lab, many computers in the classrooms, and a mobile computer lab. Each classroom also has a ceiling mounted video projector and screen. In addition, we offer courses for credit over the internet and are currently working to provide college credits in several of our high school classes.

If you would like more information regarding our school, community, and/or the area surrounding us, then I would encourage you to contact us at (541) 869-2204 or by email at, natalie.vancleave@huntingtonsd.org

Our school is excellent and the students, staff, and community are welcoming and friendly. The small class sizes and the close-knit nature of our community enable students, staff, and citizens to form warm and gratifying relationships that support the learning process and often last far beyond their actual time here in Huntington. Families who elect to enroll their children in school here in Huntington have a rich and rewarding experience that they treasure and benefit from greatly for the remainder of their lives.

Thank you for your interest in our school and community.

Scott Bullock

Superintendent/K-12 Principal