Picture taken by Mrs. Hale

On April 13, 2022 the Boise, Idaho Shakespeare program came to Huntington high school to put on the classic Romeo and Juliet play for the whole high school and middle school.  It was a one hour long performance and at the end they let the kids ask questions about them and the show. It started with them introducing the show and talking about what they do then the show began. It was so cool how they could work in such a small place with few props and still make this such a great experience for everyone who was able to see them perform. 

With everything set up and ready to go, they started the show with a fighting scene. They put so much passion into everything they did from the fights, kissing, romance, to even the deaths and the simple charter changes. They really brought life to their performance, and it was different from all the other times they performed. The show was wonderful and they did great.  

At the end of the show they did a Q&A for everyone who had questions. We were all kind of shocked when the people who played Romeo and Juliet, actually kissed each other. The whole time everyone was wondering, are they dating? And the answer was no they are not. I was wondering how you would keep your composer in that awkward kiss scene, but it turns out they had to practice it many times to make it where they could keep it together. They practice quite a bit to become comfortable with their character relationships. They said “ it's a unique exercise for everyone” which is really special for them to say that. Someone asked, “was it hard to remember and did you mess up?”, and yes, they did even during the performance for our school, but you get creative with fixing your mistakes.  Students then asked all their questions; we gave them the last round of applause, they packed up and left. The Idaho Shakespeare Festival did a wonderful job and I hope to see them perform again.