Photo by Aman Tilenbaev

Our Thailand exchange student, Alan Chokecharoenkiatti, has his own YouTube channel “Alan Pae”. In his YouTube channel, he has released 14 episodes. In his videos he shows activities  with the host family, exchange students, school friends, and also activities at school. For example, school activities you can see in episode 3 about homecoming, episode 9 about the school Christmas party, and episode 12 is the high school’s district tournament for basketball. Also, you can see a lot of interesting videos. The Main idea of this YouTube channel is to keep memories, and share his experience. His goal is to make at least 20 episodes in America. In my opinion, Alan is doing a great job with his YouTube channel, and he should keep doing it.  I hope that Alan can reach his goals, and also I hope that Alan will get a lot of subscribers and become famous. Check out his channel and subscribe! 

Click HERE to visit his YouTube channel