Maria Errera

The end of this year is getting really close, for some this year is another year, but for others like the seniors this year is very important.

Maria is a senior from Huntington High School, and this year she is going to graduate. She is one of the exchange students and she is from Brazil.

Her favorite experiences in the school were having the opportunity to do welding, the hockey game in which middle school and high school went, track, and the basketball tournament that we had in Huntington 3v3 because she loved her teammates which were composed of Mel, Tina and herself. Her goals after graduation are to go back to Brazil and get a driver license. She wants to be a veterinarian so she is going to go to college, and try to get her education as soon as possible. Maria wants to thank some people that make her experience in school so much better. She wants to thank her girlfriend, her mother, and her dad, and from America she wants to thank all the exchange students, Emma Mathews, Tylie, Micah, Mr Dixon, Natalie, and for the last Mrs and Mr Hale for being the best host family.