Micah Shepherd

Micah’s favorite high school experience was when he spent the night with Colton and David at the dorms. His future plans are to go to BTI in Baker, so he can get certified in welding. Micah is going to miss seeing his friends everyday. Micah would like to thank Natalie VanCleave for being the best secretary, Terry Chandler for trusting him to build things in his shop, Chace Dixon for being the awesomest person alive, Maria Errera for being the coolest lesbian, and Colton Mathews for being his best friend. His favorite book that he read this year in school was Johnny the Walrus by Matt Walsh. His favorite project he did this year was about Mount Saint Helens with Emma Mathews and Braden Garfield.  Micah was involved in all sports extracurricular activities. One class that Magic Micah will not be missing is Civics. We all will miss Micah and wish him all the best of luck in the future.