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From Freshmen to Senior year, schools set up various ways to help you figure out your future.  Huntington Charter School offers a College & Career course that includes college campus tours, job shadows, guest speakers in the classroom, and more! But how many of America's graduates stand unemployed? as stated by the New York Post · https://nypost.com, “One-third of Americans revealed they had no plan after graduating from school, and about 34% didn't have a plan.” 

While looking through many websites, I found that 41%  of high school students didn't even have a job lined up for after graduation. Meanwhile, 17% who attended college said they had no plans after senior year. The same percentage, whether completing high school or college, felt pessimistic about their futures as they transitioned into adulthood, and as well has been estimated that anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of students start college as “undecided” in terms of their major. Statistics also show that 75 percent of college students change their major before they graduate. Everyone goes through an average of 13 years of schooling in America before they graduate and are let out into the real world. As of your senior year, you prepare the most for college or a job after school.

  Many people know there are many ways to get help and decide what you want to do. For example, you can apply for grants and more than 30,000 students receive grants or scholarships that are provided through the help of FAFSA and ORSAA. Another way of doing things would be applying for a scholarship which 1.7 million are awarded annually though, only 7% of people receive the scholarship. 

Studies show that in recent years the unemployment rate in the US dropped to 3.5 percent as of December 2022, falling below market expectations of 3.7 percent, which was the lowest since February 2020. Many organizations and jobs are willing to open their doors to willing-to-work people, schools offer up free tuition and other ways to get your life going on the right track. A lot of colleges and universities, like Western Oregon University, have campus events in fall, winter, and spring terms that are open to many. 

If you don't think school is much your thing, there are many apprenticeship opportunities such as  Frenchtown Rural Fire District which offer a Resident Firefighting program. So many opportunities even including the U.S. military, and yet the unemployment rate is still so high. Take control of your future now, apply for a scholarship or even check out some opportunities around your area and we can make our future a bit better for ourselves. For more information  on a few scholarship, college, and career information, visit: 

www.OregonArmyGuard.comhttps://oregonstudentaid.gov/aspire/ , http://go.arizona.edu/merit-aid , http://visit.uoregon.edu/ , www.tfff.org/fordscholarships https://www.leoadler.org/scholarships-leo-adler-foundation/